Q: What is the objective of the Give For Education program?
A: It is a sponsorship program to activate an e-learning program for underprivileged children.

Q: What is this e-learning program?
A: The VSchool Trend program is an online learning program that covers pre-school right up to Secondary Form 5 level. Its content and structure is 100% Malaysian education syllabus. The program has a Progress Monitoring feature which will aid the Caretaker/ Volunteers to manage the children’s progress.

Q: How does this sponsorship program work?
A: 1 unit of VSchool Trend is at RM388 per year per child. Sponsors can order any quantity/ any number of children/ any number of subscriptions. You can sponsor online at https://estore.krayon.asia/vschool-trend-e-learning-program-for-underprivileged-children

Q: How are these children selected?
A: The children are from welfare homes or from urban poor families. We conduct a review of the Home, its setup that is conducive and equipped with wifi and devices (desktops/ tablets etc). There is also supervision at the Home to monitor the performance of the children. We will from time to time, visit the Home to render assistance needed.

Q: Who is managing the sponsorship program?
A: Krayon Social Partnerships is managing the sponsorship collection and activation of the VSchool Trend.

Q: Is there any acknowledgement of payment collected?
A: For online sponsorship, an official invoice will be sent upon receiving the order. Upon activation, an official receipt will be sent to the sponsor. Do ensure all information is provided during registration.

Q: When does the sponsorship program end?
A: This is a long-term support for underprivileged children.

Q: How many children are being sponsored?
A: We target for a total of 30 children being sponsored on a quarterly basis.

Q: What is the value of the total sponsorship?
A: It is RM3,880 (or estimated USD 1000) per month.

Q: How are the children being guided or supervised?
A: VSchool Trend has a performance built-in to aid the supervisor. Most Homes will engage their staff or volunteers to aid the children. We will also visit the homes periodically.

Q: How can corporates participate in this sponsorship?
A: Corporates are welcome to sponsor, or visit the children as volunteers.