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Being Krayon

Stay positive, don’t give up, when the going gets tough the tough gets going ….… these words are all so familiar from the gurus of motivation to perk us up when things don’t look so good. We often feel frustrated not just in life mishaps, but even in moments of inconvenience. Nick Vujicic comes to mind. We cannot even imagine if we were to lose one of our arms, let alone born without any limbs. He is a real-life example of living without limitations and we salute him! We are also in awe of parents with special needs children who dedicate their lives to enable their child, a normal life. Real-life heroes, parents extraordinaire, we salute you!


Starting Krayon, we just want to do a little something to support the less fortunate ones, to make life a little easier and to appreciate those in the caring business. We want to give them our energy, our time and our talents. We also hope to generate public interest in the works of these special communities.


We are focus on art and craft, primarily crafted by artists and artisans from the marginalised community. Artists of any genre, qualified or not, or just an Artist at-heart are welcome to join the programme. Do visit our Artist page and book a drawing with the Artist of your choice. Our proceeds go to the development of initiatives in supporting our beneficiaries, artists and artisans.


Come journey with us as we bring exciting initiatives that others may live an easier life. If you are interested to join Team Krayon, do drop us a line.


*Orkids Home is our beneficiary for this 1st phase of our programme. It is a Non-profit Organization that provides continuing education for Down Syndrome children aged 7 and above.


“Every single human being has value, and my value is not determined on how I look or what job I have or where I’m from or where I was born, how much money I make… nothing. But I hope you are inspired to know that if I can dream big, then so can you. There are no walls, find your peace and you can make your walls… doors.   Nick Vujicic


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