Artist - Lim Chin Han



Lim Chin Han (林靜嫻)

Chin Han has always loved to draw and has a very special interest in portraiture. However, as is the case with many Asian families, she was discouraged from considering art as a career option from young.


Finally, in 2015, Chin Han reconnected with art and has been drawing and painting prolifically.


Chin Han joins Krayon as she is passionate in contributing to community.

💕 When My Heart Sings 💕

I have since learnt to appreciate why;
Heaven probably isn’t a kingdom in the sky;
And Hell isn’t a black hole underneath;
Nor is Purgatory some place concrete.

For when with happiness my heart sings;
To the beautiful tunes my pencils make;
Heaven floods my soul and fills my every inch;
And Hell and Purgatory are nowhere to be seen.


In 2015, when my life underwent a fundamental change and I was drowning, Art threw me a life vest that saved me. Okay, that was probably too melodramatic a way of putting it. But Art is truly my everything now.

When I first reconnected with art, it was oil painting that I turned to. It is a medium that was entirely new to me and I would paint in a studio on a weekly basis.  A week very soon began to feel like an eternity and to satisfy my addiction to making art, I started to draw at home using graphite like I used to all those years ago. Very soon thereafter I discovered charcoal and I love its matte feel compared to graphite.

Because I love to do portraits, my oil painting instructor suggested that I practise getting the right skin tones (it’s notoriously challenging to get the skin tones right) at home using pastels. That set off my love affair with pastels.  My obsession with art has encouraged me to try all kinds of media with my current favourite being digital art.


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