Artist - Lan Jie



Lan Jie, artisan extraordinaire

When you meet Mdm Joo Choon Lan or more personally known as “Lan Jie”, only one word strikes you : “Bravery”.

Lan Jie was stricken with severe polio syndrome since young and has been riddled with many life challenges thrown at her. She is now wheelchair-bound.

Her husband, ‘Ming Kor’ was a mechanic, before he met with an accident 30 years ago which left him with a limp. He recently met with another mishap which further reduces his mobility. The family lost their livelihood since then. Lan Jie was undeterred and decided to home produce DIY handicrafts for a living. Yi Zhen ‘Ah Boy’ helps out during the holidays to push Ming Kor through the kopitiams to sell these products.

Krayon hopes to be the key platform for Lan Jie’s handicraft and the family need not peddle along roadwalks any longer.


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