Art For Love

Simply viewing artwork opens a door for conversation …  unleashing a powerful, creative and unique experience for people, and that sharing this experience leads to an inspired state giving rise to hope for the better …

Our Goal

Our mission is to form a team of artists who wish to give back to the community; who will be committed to extend a helping hand in supporting and serving the needy community.

“Art for Love” is specifically designed for Artists who

  • believe in the Healing Power of Creative Art that can bring hope and make a difference in changing lives;
  • are passionate to bring the Art Experience into Charitable Programs to inspire for the better;
  • are committed to helping children, the under-served, and the needy community.
  • are proud as a Malaysian artist to promote public awareness of local arts , encourage excellence in the arts and acknowledge the incredible people who are part of the “Art for Love” family.

Our Activities

Our key activities are centred on Art & Craft from our Artists community. Some are career artists, disabled and some are amateur artists. Proceeds of sales go to Krayon initiatives in developing programs for the marginalised.

E-Charity Shop

Buy art and craft from our community of Artists.


Get a portrait/ favourite artiste/ landscape as a gift for your loved ones or simply to capture memories of a lifetime, and bless someone in-need.

Get A Quote Now!

  • Email to
  • State your desired artist, and include your desired image to be drawn.
  • Krayon team will respond to you within 24 hours to confirm your request.

Meet the Artists

Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee

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Lan Jie

Lim Chin Han

Lim Chin Han

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